What’s the POINT

Travel blogs are a dime a goddamn dozen, and the reason that this one has anything new to offer is because I have mountains of debt, and no savings, and I always ALWAYS thought traveling was something that other people got to do, not me. That was a stupid thing to think.

It wasn't stupid. It just wasn't totally correct either. I make alot of mistakes. It's great because you'll get to read and learn about so many things you shouldn't do, because I will inevitably have tried to do them and failed publicly. This includes but is not limited to: everything financial, navigating literally anywhere by any method of transportation, Tinder dates abroad and at home, taking good selfies, taking any good photographs at all, learning my lesson the *first time*, booking good hostels, and remembering to use the bathroom after last call at the bar. I've been learning so much in the last couple of months.

I AM wizard of packing lightly but efficiently though, so that part I can give advice on without an embarrassing anecdote.

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